The following post has been motivated by the fact that the method startForActivityResult() in the android studio is currently being deprecated and a new class called ActivityResultLauncher<Intent> has been introduced in its place. …

It is quite chilling my thought that today is the last day for boot-camp and my progress determines my selection to Week-2. I have no otherwise but to wait on my results. The last and final things usually seem to make one crave for a fresh start, but I encourage anyone out there to know that endings are usually beginnings of something good. I hope my beginning will be encouraging…I have my fingers crossed.

It is day three of boot-camp and all is quite an uphill task. But it is expedient to mention that the program given as Andela Home-study, is such an important tool for one to make it through boot-camp.


It is day 2 at Andela. The assignments are a quite a treat into the world of programming. The more you get to familiarize yourself with Python as a language, the more you realize the importance of self practice and making sure that things work as planned. It is no use idling around, working hard and self-discipline is a mantra if at all work has to get done.

Challenges and Life

Challenges seem to be always cropping up especially when one is traversing the journey towards achieving an important and difficult attainment in life. It seems that always there are personal battles to fight and when it boils down to a personal-level way of looking at things, the battle seems to…

Michael Odera

Android and Web Developer

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